Sunday, December 31, 2006


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This blog will present various steam launch projects, mainly thoses of my friends of Abv (French steamboat organisation)

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Last update: Saturday, march 3rd

New pages on Suzanne

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Suzanne of Sequana

Trip in Chatou (3 mars)

This afternoon smal visit in the workshop of Suzanne,

The mockup of the boiler has been installed, that give a good idea of the room available onboard.

Since my last visit, the deck has receveid its first coat of paint.

Some test has been realised for the helm, wonderful sculture work, finally the simpliest has been choosen.

The machine who will equipped Suzanne is a Schindler, Sequana has also another machine of the same company, it is a small counpound, very nice, probably used to drive a generator.

And just for Patrice, pictures of the oilers for the head of cylinders.

Jean-Jacques' work for his friends of Sequana (January 14 th)
(Sequana is a french association which rebuilt or repare old boats which have sailed on the river Seine)

Message from Jean Jacques to Sequana

"Sometimes, there are days where everything is going right, where all you made a success of, it was the case this sunday morning, where I had on the table 3 dead bodies of taps

The beginning
I was in a hurry to play with my lathe!

All the modifications had been validated by Sequana, all the threading has been moved to metric's ones


Ready for solder Ag.

Work is finished!

You will only have to put in place for the big show, it will be a pleasure for me to bring them when I will pass at your workshop


Visit in Chatou on January 14.

I spent this morning, in the workshop of Séquana, on the island of the impressionist, to bring some technical documents to them on the machines and the boilers. The boat has quite advanced, it is increasingly beautiful, you will be able to judge you even on the photographs. I was also made explain the technique used for the realization of caillebottis, that works me a little for the floors of Midship. Look at this splendid work!

Visit on november 15th:
The prow of this splendid launch in its building site on L \ 'island of the impressionists in Chatou

A wonderful boat

A professional work

Admire the details

Grating and sculture, of the artists, I say to you!

The machine is an original one

Back side of the machine

Monday, December 12, 2005

Daniel's boat

This boat is in construction in Le Havre, here are some photographs:
The clinker hull

The machine: a STUART 6A

This machine was bought by Daniel, a few years ago, (an advertisement published in the "Chasse Marée")

Friday, December 09, 2005

New boiler for Mélusine, Bruno's boat

Last news of the boiler (today in Sevres)

Picture of the interior of the “casing”


With the funnel

With the creators!

September 2005

The news is not confirmed, but…
It seems well that a new boiler for Mélusine is at a quite advanced stage!
Here is the proof with the comments of Jean-Jacques:

"New breath for Mélusine?

Our accomplice and good buddy Jean Yves, having taken part in our constructions of the 3 boilers of the Blackstaff type, has had the good idea to take again the techniques of working of the copper serpentines, which we had worked out collègialement, to build one for him, simpler (welding and assembly) and of larger heating surface (2 m ² and + if necessary).
Some drawings, managed with his friend and accessory Bruno, a little milling of steel parts, a good amount of patience for the development and the installation of the 16 copper serpentines, some rules of conformities in the work of the arc welding, (imperatively to read the article of François in Vapors n° 6 - “Elements of drawing of the boilers”, before any improvisation), and you have a very beautiful animal of race.

It is a vertical boiler of Olfeld type, with less than 25 liters of capacity, Eric has equipped an identical boiler (concept) on it steamboat Ondine.
They have just received the casing, this last Saturday September 10, the cone and the grids of hearth, all in stainless steel, which will accomodate the pressure vessel, and the next months are planned for the external and thermal protections.
It is not a secret, to reveal you that this new boiler will replace initially, copper Blackstaff of the Mélusine, and of false rumours, leave think that our friend Bruno, owner of this boat, confident of this power of heating (2 m ², even +), could devote himself to the joys of the water skiing ...... go, go!!! don't dream!
One will follow with much interest, the evolution of this work, and his installation on board of Mélusine.
Cheer Jean Yves and Bruno, and thank you to give to the following, the desire for building.
Cordially Jean Jacques."

PS: Quiz question: knowing that Jean Yves measures 1.70 m (+/- 1cm), what is the one of the boiler, the winner will have the privilege to put the first sticks to launch a heating.

With Jean-Yves who worked much there!

The casing, all stainless steel please!

Beautiful animal, highly a picture fully equipped!